Ceiling Grid

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Jul 27 2022

Ceiling Grid System Supports State of the Art Medical Equipment

Suspended Ceiling Grid holds expensive hospital equipment safely and reliably in the most challenging Medical Equipment Support environments..

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Jul 26 2022

Cieling Grid Designed & Installed

Drop Ceiling Grid Design: Top Ten list of critical pieces of information we need before we begin design engineering your custom grid ceiling..

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Jul 25 2022

Unistrut Ceiling Custom Engineered and Installed

Unistrut Ceiling Grid Systems allow for structural support with modular flexibility and make future change fast and easy..

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Jul 24 2022

Hanging Unistrut from Ceiling Without Hotworks

See how we designed a drop ceiling frame to retrofit surgical lights, in a hospital under renovation - No welding allowed!.

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Jul 20 2022

How to Install Ceiling Grid for Operating Rooms

WNY Grid Ceiling: Our medical support experts were contacted by a prominent hospital in Western New York with a challenging project - see how it all turned out!.

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