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Specifications for Unistrut Medical Equipment Support Systems

Here’s What You Get In This FREE Guide

This guide provides invaluable reference material for architects and engineers, as well as contractors, who will be designing, and/or installing medical support systems for suspension of state of the art medical equipment.

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Equipment Support Systems





A. Summary:

1. Performance specifications for engineered design-build support systems using coldformed adjustable Unistrut metal framing and Telespar telescopic square tubing supports.

B. Scope:

1. All ceiling mounted equipment including:

a. Procedure/Exam Light Supports.

b. Gas/Service Column/Boom Supports.

c. Retractable Service Column Supports.

d. Catheterization Equipment Ceiling Channel Grid.

e. Radiographic Equipment Ceiling Channel Grid.

f. Radiographic Equipment Direct Mounting Ceiling Channel System.

g. Monitor Equipment Ceiling Channel Grid.

h. CT Scan Equipment Ceiling Channel Grid.

i. Single Point Monitor or Projector Supports.

2. Provide and install equipment support systems as located on the reflected ceiling plans in rooms and as scheduled in the Equipment Schedule Specification SECTION 11xxx and per Architectural Equipment Specification SECTION 055xxx .

3. Reference Architectural Drawings: .

4. Ceiling Channel Grids shall be a (universal grid or per manufacturer’s drawing) -type consisting of 12 Gage 1-5/8” cold-formed Unistrut channel rails flush with the finished ceiling and extending wall to wall unless otherwise noted on the reflected ceiling plans and shall be perpendicular to the path of travel of the equipment or parallel as per manufacturers specifications.

5. Ceiling Direct Mounting Channel Systems shall be single channels consisting of 12 Gage 1-5/8” cold-formed Unistrut channel rails flush with the finished ceiling and extending wall to wall unless otherwise noted on the reflected ceiling plans. Closure strip to be supplied in white plastic, trolleys supplied as needed.


A. Division 5 Section “Structural Steel”

B. Division 5 Section “Cold-Formed Metal Framing”

C. Division 5 Section “Metal Fabrications”

D. Division 11 Section “[Medical] Equipment”


A. All design shall be in accordance with:

1. The governing local and state building code including IBC 2000.

2. American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Cold-Formed Steel Design Manual (and Specifications) 1996 Edition.

3. American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Steel Construction Manual (and Specifications) ASD 9th Edition.

B. Material Standards:

1. ASTM A36 – Carbon Structural Steel

2. ASTM A53 – Pipe, Steel, Black and Hot-Dipped, Zinc-Coated, Welded and Seamless.

3. ASTM A325 – Structural Bolts, Steel, Heat Treated 120/105 ksi Minimum Tensile Strength.

4. ASTM A500 – Cold-Formed Welded and Seamless Carbon Steel Structural Tubing in rounds and Shapes.

5. ASTM A501 – Hot-rolled Welded and Seamless Carbon Steel Structural Tubing.

6. ASTM A572 – High-Strength Low-Allow Columbium-Vanadium Structural Steel.

7. A576-90b(2000) Standard Specification for Steel Bars, Carbon, Hot-Wrought, Special Quality.

8. ASTM A653 – Steel Sheet, Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) or Zinc-Iron Alloy-Coated (Galvannealed) by Hot-Dip Process.

9. ASTM A992 – Steel for Structural Shapes

10. A1011/A1011M-03a Steel, Sheet and Strip, Hot-Rolled, Carbon, Structural, High-Strength Low-Alloy and High-Strength Low-Alloy with Improved Formability.

11. DIN 933 – Bolts Strength Class 8.8. Comparable to SAE Grade 5.

12. DIN 7500 – Case-Hardened Steel Self Forming Screws. Comparable to SAE Grade 8.

13. S235JR – Material Code: 1.0038 or 1.0976 (S355MC) or 1.0982 (S460MC) or 1.0984 (S500MC), Minimum Yield Strength: 235 N/mm² = 34 ksi. Conforming to the USA ASTM specification: A252, A500, A501, K02502, K03000.

14. S355MC – Steel Type DIN QSTE 360 TM, Material Code 1.0976, Minimum Yield Strength: 355 N/mm² = 51 ksi.

C. Connection Standards:

1. RCSC (Research Council on Structural Connections) – Specification for Structural Joints Using ASTM A325 or A490 Bolts.

2. AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code


A. Qualified Person: Someone “… who, by possession of a recognized degree, certificate, or professional standing, or who by extensive knowledge, training, and experience, has successfully demonstrated his ability to solve or resolve problems relating to the subject matter, work, or the project” (defined by OSHA 29 CFR 1926.32 (m)).

B. Design-Build: Method where design and construction are a single source of responsibility for one entity.

C. Turnkey: Fast-track supply and installation in a condition ready for immediate use, occupation, or operation.


A. Shop Drawings: Successful Strut Systems Installation Contractor shall submit AutoCAD generated shop drawings (hand drawings are not acceptable) showing the complete system including plans, sections, and details of the system. Center point / Iso-centers of all equipment shall be located off of finished wall lines. Plans shall show all manufactured parts by catalog numbers, all fabricated parts, and all fasteners and hardware.

B. Calculations: Structural calculations for all member and connections shall be submitted. The [Medical] support system shall lend itself to a rational structural analysis with section properties of framing members demonstrated by calculations. Structural calculations and drawings shall be furnished with a stamp by a licensed engineer in the state where the installation is to occur complying with all applicable codes and regulatory requirements. Calculations to be made as per equipment manufacturer’s specifications.


A. Strut Systems Installation Contractor Quality Assurance:

1. Material and installation shall be provided by qualified and competent persons from a Strut Systems Installation Contractor with at least ten (10) years experience in the professional engineering, design, manufacture and installation of adjustable metal framing supports. The Strut Systems Installation Contractor shall demonstrate (10) years experience of turnkey projects of similar scope and size and shall maintain a continuing quality assurance program for both its material and installation crews.

2. Strut Systems Installation Contractor shall provide the single source responsibility and liability for all engineering, design, materials and workmanship, and shall provide as single limited warranty for all aspects of the project: engineering, fabrication, material quality, and installation. Installing contractor must be a trained representative of the cold formed metal framing system manufacturer.

3. Strut Systems Installation Contractor shall be responsible for complete coordination with the equipment suppliers to verify all loading and installation requirements and shall be responsible for directly contacting these companies for the latest design requirements.

4. Strut Systems Installation Contractor shall employ a qualified and competent structural engineer to directly supervise all design and construction phases.

5. Acceptable Strut Systems Installation Contractors:

a. Strut Systems Installation, LLC

103 Sycamore Street
Buffalo, NY 14204-1492
Tel: (716) 332-6983

6. Strut Systems Installation Contractor shall meet the following compliance requirements by having the following in place:

a. Drug-Free Workplace Policy and State Certification.

b. Established Industrial Safety and Fall Protection Program.

c. Minimum 10 hour Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Training Certification.

d. Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

e. “Installer Training” for any hybrid or adhesive anchoring systems, if applicable

f. Unistrut standards for welding

g. Unistrut Service Center

C. Component Quality Assurance:

1. Manufacturers Brochure: Brochure shall show materials, strengths, finishes and sizes. Sufficient engineering information shall be provided to permit stress calculations. Materials listed should conform to the appropriate specifications from ASTM, AISI, AISC, and / or AWS.

2. Material Quality Assurance: Submit certification that products comply with specified requirements and are suitable for intended application.

D. Installation Quality Assurance:

1. Submit list of a minimum of 5 completed projects of similar size and complexity to this Work. Include for each project:

a. Project name and location.

b. Name of owner.

c. Name of contractor.

d. Name of architect.

e. Name of manufacturer.

f. Number and type of supports.

g. Date of completion.


A. Liability: Installing contractor shall be able to furnish coverage liability insurance, with limitation of no less than five (5) million dollars. Materials, design, and installations shall be furnished by a single source Strut Systems Installation Contractor to minimize total liability.

B. Warranty: A one (1) year limited warranty on all engineering, design, materials, installation, and system performance shall be provided in writing to the Owner from the date of Owner sign-off at project completion.


A. Any designs indicated in the contract documents are for concept only and should not be taken as final designs nor shall be used for material take-off nor used for estimating purposes in any way.

B. Final designs including all final designs, materials and all installation labor shall be the exclusive and sole responsibility of the Strut Systems Installation Contractor and all costs shall be included in their proposal at bid time.

C. The building structural members, elevations, and room layout shall be fully coordinated for the design of all supports. Equipment loads must be adequately supported from the building structural members and distributed accordingly. Floor to floor distances, finished ceiling elevations, room locations, and building support structure elevations must all be coordinated for appropriate design of support systems for proper understanding of required hanger lengths, bracing requirements, attachment design, etc.

D. Loads to be used shall be per each equipment manufacturer’s specification.

E. All systems shall be adequately braced in all four directions for lateral loading as per manufacturer’s specifications.

F. Ceiling channel shall be installed horizontal in plane and parallel to each other within 1/16th of an inch.

G. Anchorage to the existing structure shall be as designed by the structural engineer of the system.

1. Mechanical anchors into concrete shall be designed with a minimum factor of safety of 6 and shall be either expansion bolts, epoxy anchors, or through bolts with backing plate.

2. Anchorages into existing concrete shall not penetrate existing reinforcing bars.

3. Connections to structural steel shall be clamp-on fittings or field welding.


A. Coordinate deliveries and storage of all materials with General Contractor or Owner.



A. All cold-formed members and fittings shall be a manufactured by:

1. Unistrut Corporation; No alternatives are approved unless written authorization from Owner is obtained.

2. Atkore International; No alternatives are approved unless written authorization from Owner is obtained.

3. Sikla USA Inc; No alternatives are approved unless written authorization from Owner is obtained.


A. Channel: All cold-formed channel members shall be fabricated from structural grade steel conforming to one of the following ASTM specifications: A1011 SS GR 33 or A653 GR 33. Channel shall be 1-5/8” framing system 12 Gage. Minimum yield strength shall be 33 ksi.

B. Fittings: All cold-formed fittings shall be fabricated from steel conforming to one of the following ASTM specifications: A575, A576, A36, or A653. Minimum fitting thickness shall be ¼” with physical requirements per A1011. Minimum yield strength shall be 33 ksi.

C. Channel Nuts: All channel nuts shall be fabricated from steel conforming to ASTM specification A1011 SS GR 33.

D. Bolts and Fasteners: All bolts and fasteners used in connections shall be minimum SAE Grade 5, EG finish. Threaded Rod Grade B7.

E. Hot Rolled Structural Steel: ASTM A36 minimum.

F. Telespar Tubing: ATSM A-653 Grade 50 minimum. Minimum yield strength shall be 60 ksi.

G. Sikla Tubing: Cold-formed members conforming to the specifications: S355MC, Steel Type DIN QSTE 360 TM, Material Code 1.0976 minimum. Minimum yield strength shall be 355 N/mm² = 51 ksi.

H. Sikla Fittings: Cold-formed fittings conforming to the specifications: S235JR, Material Code: 1.0038 or 1.0976 (S355MC) or 1.0982 (S460MC) or 1.0984 (S500MC) minimum. Minimum yield strength shall be 235 N/mm² = 34 ksi. Conforming to the USA ASTM specification: A252, A500, A501, K02502, K03000.

I. Sikla Bolts and Fasteners: All Bolts shall have a minimum strength class of 8.8. DIN 933, Comparable to SAE Grade 5. Case-Hardened Steel Self Forming Screws. DIN 7500, Comparable to SAE Grade 8.


A. All materials shall be finished in accordance with one of the following standards:

1. Electro-Galvanized (EG): Electrically zinc coated per ASTM B633 Type III SC 1.

2. Hot Dip Galvanized: Finished in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461-T Zn, comparable to ASTM A123.

3. Perma-Green II (GR): Rust inhibitive acrylic enamel paint finish applied by electrodeposition, after cleaning and phosphating, and thoroughly baked. Color per Federal Standard 595a color number 14109 (dark limit V-). Finish paint shall withstand minimum 400 hours salt spray (scribed), and 600 hours salt spray (unscribed), when tested in accordance with ASTM B117.

4. Pre-Galvanized (PG): Zinc coated by hot-dipped process prior to roll forming. The zinc weight shall be G90 conforming to ASTM A653.

5. Pre-Galv Plus: Galvanized conforming to ATSM specification A-653 G-90 then conversion coated with a clear organic polymer topcoat.



A. Examine building drawings and areas and conditions in which systems are to be installed. Notify Architect of areas or conditions not acceptable for support of system. Do not begin installation until unacceptable areas or conditions have been corrected.

B. Design all supports to work around mechanical ductwork, electrical lighting fixtures, and plumbing where possible. All efforts shall be fully coordinated prior to final design.


A. For ceiling channel, rails shall be on centers at 2’-2” center to center or as required by the equipment manufacturer and allow continuous attachment along any point on the rail. System shall be true, plumb, and level to the tolerances specified.

B. Framing shall be adjusted as required in the field to avoid interferences.

C. Hammer drilling times shall be coordinated in existing facilities with the Owner.

D. All bolted connections into cold-formed channel members with channel nuts shall be tightened to a minimum:

1. 50 ft-lbs for ½” bolts.

2. 100 ft-lbs for 5/8” bolts.

3. 125 ft-lbs for ¾” bolts.

E. Gas/Service Column/Boom mounting plates supplied by the equipment supplier as noted in the equipment specifications shall be installed by the system support Strut Systems Installation Contractor unless otherwise specified.

F. Supply and install all required threaded rod, hex nuts, flat washers, lock washers for exam and surgical lights and gas/service column/booms unless otherwise specified.

G. Install Telespar drops in accordance to project design to be determined by the Strut Systems Installation Contractor or as required by the equipment manufacturer.

H. White snap-in closure strips are supplied but not installed by the Strut Systems Installation Contractor.


A. Upon completion of this section of work, debris from Unistrut installation to be removed from site.


A. During installation, it shall be the responsibility of the Strut Systems Installation Contractor to protect this work from damage.

B. Upon completion of this scope of work, it shall become the responsibility of the general contractor or Owner to protect this work from damage during the remainder of construction on the project.

C. Any modifications to the installed system shall be performed only and exclusively by the Strut Systems Installation Contractor responsible for the system. Modifications made by any other party transfers liability and integrity of the system to that party making the modifications.


Strut Systems Installation 05500 – 8
103 Sycamore Street
Buffalo, NY 14204-1492
Tel: (716) 332-6983


Our Installers Have Supported Some of the Best Brands & Equipment!

Our designers and installers have decades of experience designing and installing equipment supports to safely and effectively support almost every brand of medical equipment under the sun. Below you’ll find a list of just a few of the manufacturer brands we’ve worked with over the years.

  • ALM
  • Burton
  • Carestream
  • GE Medical
  • Getinge
  • Hillrom
  • Liko
  • Lindgren
  • Mallinkrodt
  • Medrad
  • Midmark
  • Norco
  • Nuvo
  • Philips
  • Picker International
  • Prism Medical
  • Siemens
  • Skytron
  • Steris
  • Stryker
  • Toshiba
  • Varian
  • Zeiss

Project Partners

You’re In Great Hands with Strut Systems Installation!

These are just a few of the companies that have entrusted us with support of their state of the art medical equipment, medical machinery, MEP structures, lighting and more…

  • Roswell Park Cancer Institute
  • John R. Oishei Childrens Hospital
  • University of Rochester
  • Kenmore Mercy Hospital of Buffalo
  • Rochester VA Health Care
  • Bradford Regional Medical Services
  • ECMC Hospital
  • Sisters of Charity Hospital – Buffalo
  • Upstate Medical Center – Syracuse
  • Culligan Water

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