Takeoff & Design

Quick, Accurate Takeoff & Design Estimates

Send us your drawings and let us design a support solution that will save you time, money and resources. We will provide you with an estimate that is cost effective and perfectly fits your project’s needs.

Our estimators are ready to provide you with the exact level of assistance you need for successful, on-time completion of your project.

When You Work With Strut Systems Installation, You Get:

  • Highly Competitive, Cost Effective Solutions Built for You
  • Expert Advice from Trusted Leaders in Ceiling Grid and Healthcare Construction
  • Time Tested Designs and Top Quality Building Materials

Exceptional Customer Service

Our project estimators understand ceiling grid and medical supports, and they understand the fluidity of project estimation and construction deadlines. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to provide you with what you need, on your schedule and within your budget.

Integrity is one of our Core Values. We take pride in providing our customers with realistic timelines, whether it’s quoting, kitting, or delivery. We are always honest and transparent about our work capacities, and we deliver what we promise when we promise.