Professional Installation Services

Strut Systems Installation, which is based out of Buffalo, NY, offers professional installation services in select portions of the U.S., including the Northeast, and parts of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic.

Our skilled installation will team travel to your location and ensure that your strut systems are installed quickly and correctly.

Whether it’s medical equipment installation, retro-fitting an existing hospital room with a Unistrut ceiling grid, or designing and installing a drop ceiling grid on a brand new medical construction project or data center, our highly competent installers will complete your job on time and to their rigorous standards of quality.

Why Let SSI Install Your Supports?

  • Healthcare Construction / Medical Equipment Support Specialists
  • Unparalleled Unistrut Grid Installation Expertise
  • Faster, More Efficient Installation

Get Peace of Mind

You can be confident of your project’s success knowing that our expert designers, engineers, and installers have perfectly assembled your support system for optimal safety and effectiveness.