Unistrut Medical Supports

Specializing in Medical Equipment Support Installation

Unistrut Medical Supports are widely recognized as the best support system for medical equipment because they provide the modular strength, stability and dependability that is needed to effectively support high cost medical equipment.

We work with you on take-off and design to come up with a concept that fits your specific medical equipment support needs. Our designs utilize top quality materials, including Unistrut, Telespar and Sikla Framo, ensuring a durable, cost effective, and flexible support solution that performs perfectly for years to come.

Because Unistrut Medical Supports use bolted connections, which require no welding, they are easily adjusted on site and perfectly adapted to fit your application.

Medical Equipment We’ve Supported

  • Overhead X-Ray Supports
  • CRT Monitor Supports
  • Exam Light / Surgical Light Supports
  • Gas Column Supports
  • Lead / Radiation Shielding Supports
  • Injector System Supports
  • Anesthesia Booms
  • Laser Supports
  • Patient Lift Supports
  • Boom Supports
  • Radiology / Cath Lab Supports
  • Microscope Supports
  • Physical Therapy Supports
  • and more!

Medical Equipment Installation Contractors You Can Trust

We put our skills and experience to work for you, installing a high quality medical equipment support system within your time frame and within your budget. For a worry free, hassle free experience on you next medical equipment installation project, trust the experts at Strut Installation Systems to get the job done right!

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