Industrial Catwalk

Custom Industrial Catwalk Design

Let us customize a metal grate walkway to provide safe access for your workers and equipment. No two warehouses are alike, and prefabricated products aren’t always a good fit – that’s why we customize your steel catwalk design to exactly fit your facility and your equipment.

Industrial Catwalks Provide

  • Anti-Slip Pathways for Safe Travel Around Industrial Settings
  • Safe Access to Equipment and Production Areas
  • OSHA Compliant Safety Standards

Catwalk Construction

Our industrial catwalks, including suspended catwalk systems, are designed out of the highest quality building materials, including steel framing, tubing, and metal safety grating.

We design to local building codes and adhere to all OSHA standards, ensuring that your workers are well protected on the job.

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Industrial Catwalk Designed for Safety, Installed by Experts

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