╚═ Medical Monitor Equipment Supports

Your Medical Monitor Deserves the Right Support

Whether we are performing overhead suspension of a single medical monitor or a bank of medical monitors, our supports need to provide a safe and effective mounting option that is tailored to your needs.

Most medical monitors are attached to a flexible positioning arm which allows the user to position the monitor where it will be most effective. With this in mind, a monitor arm support needs to be able to provide a full range of motion, while also inhibiting vibrations that could negatively impact performance.

Our highly skilled team of design engineers has spent decades perfecting their supports and adapting them to fit your unique space and medical equipment. Our installers have handled practically every type of monitor setup possible and would be happy to come up with a support system designed for your specific needs.

Our Designs are Out of Sight

Strut Systems Installation never cuts corners when it comes to your equipment supports. The effectiveness of your equipment, and the safety of your staff and patients depends on it.

  • Time-Tested Designs Created by Industry Experts
  • Top Quality Building Materials
  • Expert Installation

Behind every great piece of ceiling mounted medical equipment lies an even greater support system. Even though you may not be able to see it, it’s there, behind the scenes, working tirelessly to support you.

Comfortably hidden behind your ceiling tiles is a complex grid-work, seamlessly meshed with your structural elements, designed to provide flawless support for your equipment, from lightweight surgical lamps to even the heaviest, bulkiest of medical machinery. And we’ve supported it all.

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