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Ceiling Grid Installation in a Major Western New York Hospital – Stage 1

Our team of medical support experts was recently contacted by a prominent hospital in Western New York with a ceiling grid project. The project involved designing, engineering and installing a ceiling grid system that would be implemented in fifteen different operating rooms throughout the hospital.

The ceiling grid would need to fit in the confines of the room while also being able to support the necessary surgical lighting, x-ray equipment and other procedural room supports that were going into the room. Our team was able to coordinate with the general contractor and we were able work along side other trades so each company could perform their scheduled work as planned. We were able to complete the original scope of work without any delay until we were informed by the general contractor that there was a change order.

Ceiling Grid Installation with a Change Order – Stage 2

ceiling grid

The owners of the building requested a change order because they wanted to consolidate their services, move into the building sooner and save a significant amount of money. This meant our design team had to go back to the drawing board in an attempt to modify the ceiling grid to accommodate the changes.

In late December, near the holidays, our team once again coordinated with the general contractor to perform the change order in the time frame the building owners required. A new ceiling grid was designed, engineered and installed by our team of medical support experts and we were able to meet the deadline with plenty of time to spare.

Although we were not the ONLY reason why the project went smoothly and the owners were able to move into the new facility earlier than scheduled, but our team did play a major role in completing the ceiling grid project on time and under budget.


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